Wish you were here? (A poem of prejudice inspired by The Mail.)

Wish you were here?

(A poem of prejudice inspired by The Mail.)

Wish you were here?

Asylum-seekers are being taken

on ‘jollies’ paid for by

£100,000 of public money

to zoos, theme parks

and even the beach

to help them ‘integrate’

into British life.


Funded by the National Lottery,

treating dozens of immigrants

to days out at Thorpe Park,

Whipsnade Zoo,

the London Eye and Brighton beach.


Met with dismay

one MP said: ‘Some of my constituents

can’t afford to take their children

to some of these places.’


16 to 21-year-olds

who arrived ‘unaccompanied’

enjoy a week of climbing and canoeing

Photos of asylum-seekers

on other days out

to the Tower of London,

which costs an adult £22 to visit,

and Surrey’s Thorpe Park (up to £49.99).


Steven George-Hilley,

of the Parliament Street think-tank,

said the ‘jollies’ made ‘Britain

look more like Butlins’.

The red carpet has been rolled out

for the refugees

and much money spent on them.


The readers said:

I weep for what the politicians

are doing to western civilization.

Apparently our culture

is not worth preserving.


What a joke

while our own people

are losing jobs

through cut backs for these lot,



Does anyone else here remember

a place that used to be called Great Britain?

It was so long ago,

I can’t even be sure that it actually existed.


Wish you were here?