Young White America is Dying of Despair: Discourses of Victimization of White Heterosexual Men in Breitbart News

victim 1


In this post, I wanted to look how the topoi of victimization is used by Breitbart News to depict whites as victims in modern society. Firstly, there is the title of the article, “Young White America is Dying of Despair”. This is accompanied by an image containing white women holding photographs of a young white men. This creates the discourse of young white men as victims; young white men are dying in society because of despair, because of a lack of hope.

Having constructed white men as victims, the article constructs those responsible for this as follows:

victim 2

Firstly, the policies of Barack Obama are blamed for the state of American. Unrestricted progressive experimentation  is blamed for the deaths and victimization of white men. The writer then articulated what this ‘experimentation’ is. The fact that it is labelled as unrestricted would imply that it is out of control. Firstly, school as described as creating an education system in which white men are instructed to be victims, taught to hate yourself for being white and/or male. The article then describes gay rights as being a significant factor which contributes towards the victimization of the in-group, white heterosexual males. Thus heterosexuality is seen as threatened or marginalized. There is criticism of social media, lack of job opportunities, and the cost of university education, which all contribute to victimizing and targeting white heterosexual males. All of these are blamed on the policies of the Obama administration. It is also noteworthy that hard work is an activity that is deemed unworthy of reward.


Below is an example of one of the many responses to the article:

victim 3

One response to the article clearly articulates a racist stance. The writer describes white European men those responsible for all the advances of the modern world.


It is alarming that such racist ideology is part of the mainstream media.