A Word Sketch of ‘Foreigners’

Using Sketch Engine http://www.sketchengine.co.uk/ it is possible to make a word sketch of the word foreigner.

word sketch



The verbs collocating with foreigner are quite interesting.

There are: target, deport, abduct, expose, kidnap, warn and kill.

On a more positive side there are: hire, assist, appoint, include and attract.

It does appear though that there is a substantial amount of negativity attached to individuals labelled as a foreigner.


‘Foreigners’ in the Taiwan Press


Recently, I’ve started looking at a corpus constructed of texts taken from a Taiwanese English language newspaper, which were published over a one year period that contained the ‘foreigner’. The results so far have been quite interesting. Here’s an extract of what I’ve been looking at:

concordance line

When I looked at the collocates of ‘foreigners’, I found the following:

collocates of foreigners

I found this list quite interesting. HIV is a theme of a prominent discourse within the corpus. On further study of the concordance lines, I found many examples of writers discussing the issue that foreigners diagnosed with HIV are deported from the island.