Thug breaks man’s jaw: A Corpus Analysis of Responses to Interpersonal Street Violence

Here’s the abstract to something I’ve been working on recently:

This paper examines a corpus constructed of online responses to an article in an online edition of a British tabloid newspaper describing an act of interpersonal street violence between two men. Taking a corpus-based approach, the data was analyzed by undertaking concordance analyses of keywords and the collocates of those words. The findings indicate that, for certain individuals, interpersonal violence, and responses to acts of violence among men are tools for both the creation of and defense of self-image, and an acceptable avenue to accomplish masculinity. However, the findings also provide data revealing that other respondents reject such actions, clearly demonstrating that multiple constructs of masculine identity exist among the tabloid readership who responded to the article. The paper concludes by discussing the hypothesis that masculine identity and specifically hegemonic masculinity is constructed of multiple identities, and rejecting the notion that violence is a response to the destabilizing effects of post-modernism, while arguing that interpersonal violence is a means by which certain men express and validate masculinity.

Keywords: corpus linguistics; discourse analysis; masculinities; interpersonal violence