Straight White Men Don’t Qualify

In a small corpus of 100 articles from Breitbart News related to men, there appears to be a prominent discourse related to the victimization of white heterosexual men.

white men


The above collocation network of white and men indicates the focus placed white men in Breitbart News and how they find themselves to be victims in modern American society at the hands of women and minority groups, who, according to Breitbart News, are attempting to remove heterosexual white men from their privileged position within a patriarchal society.



white men concordance

Within the last 3 days, numerous articles have appeared on the Breitbart website depicting the identity of heterosexual white men as being threatened by women.






By constructing white men as threatened and as victims, populist right-wing ideology positions women and minorities as enemies of privileged white males. Such ideology is increasingly present in mainstream politics, not only in the US, but also throughout Europe. It should be exposed and challenged wherever it is found.


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