The Construction of Femininities in Breitbart News


Below are the opening paragraphs of an article discussing intelligence in women:

We’re constantly told that sexism and stereotypes are what hold women back in maths, engineering and tech. But it’s a lie. The real reason there aren’t more female astrophysicists is that the number of really, really smart girls is minuscule.

Sorry, no offence, but it’s true. Of course there’s the odd mould-breaking chick brainiac who gets a lot of press attention. But they’re in the minority, and not because girls are put off by some mythical male-dominated patriarchy.

The misogynistic discourse found in this one particular article does appear to be a prominent theme through Breitbart News, which does appear to promote the notion of male patriarchy.

In a small corpus of 100 articles, collected to investigate the construction of masculinity, a misogynistic discourse is salient. There is a reoccurring pattern found within the data in which women are described as being less intelligent than men, as the concordance lines demonstrate:


Feminism is constructed negatively:


Discourses found within the data highlight that women are the victims of violence and are therefore in need of protection by men.



A collocational network of women and feminism.

Therefore, just by a quick look at the data from Breitbart News, it can be seen that a misogynist ideology is clearly articulated at a time when Steve Bannon was the executive chairman. And now, of course, he can be found in the White House.


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