Extremist Views of the ‘Britain First’ Party

blair word cloud 2


Recently, the far-right group ‘Britain First’ has been making waves in international media with an article about them in Time magazine.


Although the group has a small membership, they are very active on social media, with a large support base on Facebook.

The group recently posted an article from the main stream newspaper The Daily Express about Tony Blair’s support of Albania joining the EU.


The brief article in the newspaper describes how Tony Blair is assisting the Albanian government’s attempt to join the EU, however, the title reads,

Tony Blair will help three million Albanians get the right to work in the UE

The article has received considerable attention since it was posted on the Britain First Facebook page with over 500 ‘likes’, 300 ‘shares’ and 600 comments.

The comments were collected into a corpus for analysis.

A principle pattern found within the postings was concerned with labeling Tony Blair as a traitor.


The Britain First supporters consider him a traitor because, as the title suggests, in supporting Albanian entry into the EU, Blair is also supporting immigration to the UK.

Certain poster go beyond labeling Blair a traitor by writing that he should be punished.

blair concordance

There are also many examples of racists rhetoric:


Although the leadership of Britain First reject the label of far-right, it is evident that not only is there a large amount of support for their cyber activism, but that certain supporter hold extremist views, which appear to be condoned by the group’s Facebook moderators.




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